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Tooth Whitening For A Brighter, Whiter Smile

Are you hiding your smile because of your stained, discoloured teeth?

There is no need to! We can brighten your smile now with our teeth whitening solutions.

How Can I Improve My Smile, Affordably, Safely, Quickly?

One Of The Easiest Ways To Do This Is With Teeth Whitening.

We Have 2 Options, A Take Home Kit Or Inhouse Whitening.

Either Process Should Get You A Whiter, Brighter Smile.

Here’s Dr Chris To Explain…

Tooth whitening is perhaps the most commonly recommended cosmetic dentistry procedure. It can reliably and successfully lighten teeth which have darkened due to age changes, staining by tea, coffee, red wine etc.

Live the fantasy and roll back the years with a head-turning, beautiful whiter smile. Teeth whitening is a simple, safe and effective, non-invasive treatment which is growing in popularity as more and more people, young and not so young, are experiencing the benefits it brings. Smile with more confidence and make a great impression first time, every time. 

If you’re considering teeth whitening, you’ve come to the right place! Due to our reputation as the leaders of cosmetic dentistry in Scotland, we have assessed a large number of whitening products. Once we have assessed your smile and given you the go-ahead for teeth whitening, the choice is yours, and we can recommend the best solution for your lifestyle, time commitments and diary.

Smile With More Confidence

If the discolouration is due to changes within the enamel of the teeth, whitening procedures can be used with great effect to lighten and brighten your smile. Some techniques produce an almost instantaneous improvement.

Tooth whitening is still the most commonly prescribed and performed cosmetic dental treatment to date. It can provide dramatic improvements in a very short period of time with the effects lasting for up to 2 years.

Typically a whitening gel is placed onto the teeth for a specific period of time. Once removed the teeth appear visibly whiter, and depending on the quality of the gel this whitening effect will last for a prolonged period of time, typically up to 2 years.

Your Tooth Whitening Questions Answered

What is involved with tooth whitening?

The technique involves taking impressions of your teeth and getting laboratory made custom bleaching trays. Tooth whitening gel is then applied to the trays which are fitted to the teeth.

The trays hold the gel on the teeth and with time the teeth lighten. The more often you apply the gel the lighter the teeth will go. 

What causes tooth discolouration?

There are many causes including ageing and consumption of staining substances such as coffee, teas, colas, tobacco, red wine etc. During tooth formation consumption of tetracycline, certain antibiotics or excessive fluoride may also cause tooth discolouration.

Is tooth whitening safe?

Yes, when monitored professionally and the instructions are followed there will be no damage to teeth, enamel or gums.

How long will it take?

Generally the effects can be seen within one week for the in-office technique and in about one month for the home bleaching technique. Some stains, like those caused by antibiotics, may require a prolonged course of treatment.

How long will it last?

This depends on your lifestyle (tea, coffee, red wine etc.) but generally the effects should last up to 2 years. We advise patients to keep their bleaching trays and additional tubes of the tooth whitening can be purchased for a ‘top-up’ as required.

Will it affect my fillings or crowns?

No, there will be no colour change to existing fillings (silver or white), crowns, veneers, inlays, bridgework etc. Some restorations may need to be replaced if they do not match the new colour of your teeth and we will do our best to advise which ones these may be, but the final decision can only be assessed once the tooth whitening has been completed.

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Why Choose Cherrybank Dental Spa? We’ll Let Our Patients Answer That

Superb care by professional orthodontists who are at the cutting edge of orthodontic practice . I would recommend anyone see the professional team at Cherrybank to achieve their perfect smile
Susan D'aish
Susan D.
09:53 27 Jun 20
Highly recommend Cherrybank. I’m delighted with my new veneers, Chris is a fantastic dentist, really puts you at ease and talks you through all your treatment. Everyone is really friendly and professional from start to finish. Chris, Marta, Kirsty, Nic and Tammy are all fab!!
Colette McKay
Colette M.
18:45 03 Mar 20
Absolutely wonderful experience with Dr Nikolaos Vourakis. As a nervous patient I was put at ease all the way through my implant procedure. Professional and excellent service . Cannot thank him and his team enough.
Content with life
Content with L.
15:03 14 Feb 20
I'd give the Edinburgh branch 100 stars if I could! Just moved to Edinburgh and had a dental emergency - I left a message at the weekend, they rang me first thing this morning, gave me an appointment for lunchtime and I walked out all sorted by 2pm. Ican't thank them enough. I'm seriously dental phobic and astonishingly they've fixed that too... no pain, no stress and the confidence now to go back on a regular basis. Lovely place, lovely staff and highly professional. I wish I'd found the practice years more
Advanced Driver
Advanced D.
21:37 27 Jan 20
Cherrybank Dental Spa really is a fantastic practice. I have tried a number of private dental practices but there is no comparison to Cherrybank. I went to see Dr McCrudden for veneers and some fillings and he is absolutely amazing. Not only is his dentistry pain free, but the end results are beautiful! I would be so self conscious of my smile if it had not been for his input. I hated how my teeth looked but since seeing him I want people to notice my teeth and how perfect they look. They are so natural that people are shocked when I tell them they are veneers. I would never trust another dentist to go anywhere near my teeth now. Thank you Chris and all your team for always making me feel relaxed and giving me an enjoyable dental experience. These days it seems hard to more
Lucy Mclellan
Lucy M.
22:44 20 Dec 19
I couldn't be happier with my results from my Invisalign treatment with Cherrybank!I've always been terrified of going to the dentist so getting braces was a big thing for me but Chris and the team at Cherrybank made me feel so at ease throughout the process and went above and beyond. There was zero pain and I had straight teeth in less than a year. My phobia of the dentist is now pretty much gone after receiving such great treatment. I now have me dream smile just in time for my wedding :-)I 100% recommend getting your Invisalign treatment done with Cherrybank- they're amazing!!!read more
Yvette Webster
Yvette W.
18:58 14 Dec 19
I am delighted with my fabulous new smile after getting 20 porcelain veneers at Cherrybank. The premises are lovely and I found all members of staff to be friendly and professional. Special thanks to my main team of Chris, Marta and Laura ! I felt that I was listened to throughout the process, even when I asked to get the final veneers placed without having anaesthetic (my Fitbit still thought that I was having a sleep!). I definitely recommend Cherrybank for quality cosmetic dentistry and I am now going to switch to them for my routine more
Nikki Lightbody
Nikki L.
16:10 27 Nov 19
I’m really happy I have decided to go to Cherrybank! Great team and great results. Very friendly and professional. I am lucky and happy doctor Chris helped me to fix my smile!
Andrea Vivarelli
Andrea V.
17:53 08 Nov 19
I absolutely recommend this dental practice as the best in Edinburgh. I have made sure all my family sign up - my father agreed it is extremely high quality. I had the Invisalign treatment and they are all very professional, take their time, it's a lovely modern atmosphere and they are very adaptable if you need to bring your children more
Victoria Mc
Victoria M.
16:22 07 Nov 19
Great dentists, lovely receptionists and nice comfortable waiting area. My only gripe would be the weird and slightly pushy sales model they operate. You get taken into a little windowless room to discuss proposed dental work with a very nice lady who does her best to make you feel at ease. However the whole process just feels a little odd and uncomfortable. I'd much prefer to have the conversation with the dentist, book in with recpetion and pay there rather than go through that rigmarole. While I'm being a little nit picky, I also feel sorry for the receptionists having to answer the phone saying 'hello cherry bank dental spa home of the perfect smile, xyz speaking how can I help'. This is Edinburgh not Orlando!! Poor sodsread more
Kave Sigaroudinia
Kave S.
08:44 01 Nov 19
Pleasant and pain-free experience each and every visit- Never thought I’d say that about a visit to the dentist! Chris, Lauren, Nic, Laura and everyone else here I’ve come into contact with are really professional and always super pleasant. Chris is an excellent dentist. Really happy I found this gem of a more
John McAteer
John M.
10:28 25 Sep 19
I cannot imagine getting dental work done anywhere else. Everything from the second you walk in is wonderful, right from the amazing reception staff through to the dentists and hygienists (Kirsty is FABULOUS). I'm nervous with anything to do with my teeth and yet I feel relaxed every time I visit. Can't recommend highly more
Eve W
Eve W
19:59 30 Aug 19
This was truly a life-changing experience.I do not mean to be melodramatic in this statement. However, thanks to the wonderful care by everyone at Cherrybank, I've gone from having a chronic fear of dentists, to having that fear completely and utterly cured.I had put off any visit to the dentist for around 10-15 years after going through an ordeal in my late teens/early twenties. Unfortunately the past while I knew I needed a filling, yet thought I could manage it myself, putting off my visit for 'another day'. Staining caused by tea/coffee/red wine had also taken its toll, yet I was still postponing a visit. My fear was so bad I could not even listen to general conversations about dentistry without my heart pounding.All this came to an unpleasant conclusion when one evening, the tooth that needed a filling, snapped off. While I was in a blind panic my wife found Cherrybank when searching for dentists who cater for people with fears. I called the next day and was invited in almost immediately.From the moment I arrived , everyone made me feel at ease and when I saw Dr Umar for my assessment he could not have made more time for me to discuss my anxieties. Turned out I needed root canal, a crown, a number of fillings and of course, staining removed. I experienced zero pain and received a temporary filling there and then, which looked just like a tooth! On glance it did not look like I had lost one!Before having my corrective procedure I had a fantastic experience with the hygienist. She was lovely and in only 1 hour, my teeth went from almost rotten-looking, to a brand new white set!Next stage was the dental work required. We discussed anaesthesia and I was originally adamant I would require a local anaesthetic, which they could provide. However based on the positive experience to that point, we decided on a sedative instead. I took this on the day of my root canal, which absolutely was the correct recommendation. I was in the chair for around 2 hours, and felt no pain whatsoever. In actual fact at times it was hard to stay awake!When discussing my next appointments we agreed I didn't need another sedative.Fast forward to the end: in total 7 visits. I'd gone from a debilitating fear, to actually looking forward to coming in! In actual fact I was kind of sad at the end of my final visit!If anyone reading this has similar worries/anxieties I urge you to visit the team at Cherrybank. Like myself, it could genuinely change your life.Thanks everyone again, and see you soon for my next (regular) checkup!read more
Scott McAndrew
Scott M.
17:05 23 Jul 19
I had my teeth whitened on Monday night at Cherrybank dental spa and was absolutely delighted with the treatment I got. Marta the dental nurse was fantastic and talked through the procedure and showed me at the end how to use my after care kit. My teeth considerably whiter a fantastic treatment and value for more
Jason Skepper
Jason S.
22:30 10 Jul 19
I always am met with a warm smile in reception and all treatment has been in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The Dentists and Hygienists are thorough and explain each stage of treatment and are happy to answer any queries or worries.This Dental Spa completely changed my life in an amazingly good way by giving me the opportunity to exchange dentures for implants. That was not cheap, but even my husband agrees that it is just about the best money we ever spent. They gave me back a quality of life that I had totally lost. From being almost a recluse, I now enjoy an active social life again.Thank you Cherrybank Dental more
susan hornsey
susan H.
10:31 18 Jun 19
I took the leap and got in touch with the spa earlier this year. I am delighted that I did! ☺️Chris and the team have been amazing👌🏻First class, professional service with a friendly approachable manner. The treatment I was assessed for and recommended has truly changed my smile!! I required some of the treatment due to wear and tear, but also I decided I wanted to have a smile that was perfect! And it is!! Thank you once again Cherrybank! 😁👏🏻🌟 BW Lynread more
Lyn Irvine
Lyn I.
17:29 13 Jun 19
After several horrific experiences and being wrongfully told that I had gum disease by 2 NHS dentist I decided it was time to change again. So I found myself booking in at the Cherrybank Dental SpaEven the thought of leaving the house to go to the dentist was difficult for me, when I arrived at Cherrybank Dental Spa it took me a few minutes to pluck up the courage to go inside. The welcome is genuine and warm, the interior so calm and relaxing that you have to remind yourself that you are at the dentist and not in a 5* Hotel Lobby. From the beginning you are completely and thoroughly assessed, discussing what you’d like to achieve for your smile. As a nervous patient I felt completely reassured by everyone right from that very first phone call to book the appointment. Even if I tried I could not find fault at all on anything. My next appointment is for Root Canal Treatment which I am dreading but... for the first time in years I feel confident in the people who are looking after me. I simply can not recommend Cherrybank Bank Dental Spa enough. It really does feel like a more
Gaynor Neilands
Gaynor N.
13:46 13 Jun 19
Helped me a long way, especially with my main fear of needles. Really glad I chose here in 2012 after many years being to scared to go to a dentist, they knew how anxious I was over the phone and were very welcoming. Now I have Nacho who has been amazing and patient with me, very thankful for him, not fearless yet but getting more
Aaron Watson
Aaron W.
21:33 06 Jun 19
The team here are always warm and welcoming as soon as you walk in the door, you feel well cared for. Lauren is amazingly friendly and talks me through every stage of my appointments. Absolutely recommend her and the team to anyone who's afraid of dentists!
Helen Taylor
Helen T.
09:52 05 Jun 19
I have been attending Cherrybank Dental Spa every 3 months for over 10 years, firstly travelling from Linlithgow to Perth until a Spa opened in Dundas Street Edinburgh.My main reason for attending was my dissatisfaction with previous dentists regarding dental hygiene as I suffered from bleeding gums. No matter how much care I took in cleaning my teeth there was always signs of bleeding.I am pleased to report at the age of 71 under the main care of Lauren there has been a significant improvement and Lauren has developed a plan for future maintenance. Confirmation of her hygiene treatment has been verified by a doctor at the clinic who is scheduled to carry out periodic routine inspection of my teeth.Also because the bleeding has been under control I had tooth whitening carried out a few years ago and to date have had no signs of deterioration from the day of the first treatment. I have always been fairly relaxed over the years in attending dentists whether it has been here in the UK, on holiday, or while working in Asia.However attending Cherrybank has been a unique experience as you would not believe while sitting in the lounge with a cup of coffee or tea before treatment you were actually in a dental clinic. There are no smells or noises which are normal for a dental clinic.Although over the years I have been offered the usual comforts on offer at the Spa I have never felt the need for them due to the relaxed atmosphere and the gentle dental care during treatment. In addition the reception staff who make you feel welcome.For the above reasons there is absolutely no need for dental more
Clive swindell
Clive S.
18:54 03 Jun 19
My wife lives with severe mental health issues relating to trust, consent and trauma, as well as an autistic spectrum disorder. For years I searched for a dentist who could reassure us that they had the experience and compassion to work with her. Most dentists either aren't prepared for that, or they hand-wave severe mental health issues away as if it was just mild anxiety, and I knew that they would actually just make the situation worse. Cherrybank weren't like that at all.After I first made contact, I was given a callback by the treatment consultant who absolutely reassured me of their preparedness by telling me all about their experience. My wife and I then attended together and we talked through, not just a treatment plan, but also Cherrybank's ethos and my wife's frame of mind.She then had a series of appointments with Kirsty, who was amazing. Kirsty did a really good job of putting my wife at ease and taking into account all the requests we had made during the consultation. The first appointment with Kirsty was just a meet-and-greet, and to try out sitting in the chair. To give you an idea of the level of fear and trauma my wife was overcoming, just getting in the chair left her shaking, or having someone look in her mouth brought on tears, at first.The main thing that Kirsty did that was helpful was to explain every part of every procedure. It was really important to my wife that she knew exactly was Kirsty was doing and why, and Kirsty absolutely adhered to that. My wife knew at every point that she could stop the procedure, or the appointment, or the course, and that really helped. In many ways, it was better mental health therapy that she'd received elsewhere, although that's obvious not what it's for! Kirsty has lots of techniques and strategies ease anxiety and deal with panic.One simple thing that was really helpful was that Kirsty was happy for me to stay in the room and hold my wife's hand whenever she was in the chair.All the staff are lovely. The place honestly feels more like a spa than a dentist. They also have a bunch of wee options set up to make you feel more comfortable, for example you can have a blanket or lip balm. We'd never paid for private health-care before, but it was absolutely worth it for my wife to overcome her fears, take up a regular appointments after years and years and years, and even get a few fillings in a warm and compassionate more
Claude Florentine
Claude F.
13:07 11 May 19
I visited Cherrybank for Invisalign treatment and couldn't have been happier with the experience I had over 18 months or so. Every single member of staff is absolutely lovely, professional, reassuring and happy to go that extra mile at the drop of a hat. Cherrybank's environment, skills and patient care are outstanding. I'm so much happier with my smile and would highly recommend to others. Huge thanks to everyone (especially Chris and Tammy for putting up with my many demands!)read more
Sophie Stephenson
Sophie S.
17:34 02 May 19
1,205 days ago I walked into Cherrybank Dental Spa, nervous and anxious. I couldn’t bare anyone seeing my teeth, I mumbled and covered my mouth when speaking to people up close. The team at Cherrybank have transformed my life. After a process of getting my mouth healthy, I started my Invisalign journey. Today I walked out feeling emotional - I’m going to miss these ladies. The service you receive is impeccable, the team are always smiling and encourage you every step of the way - no matter what your journey. I want to take this opportunity to thank Kirsty! You have been amazing, you’ve pushed me further than I ever thought I could go - I will forever be grateful!! I would recommend Cherrybank Dental Spa 💯Me and my smile will be back 😁read more
Kayleigh McCulloch
Kayleigh M.
17:55 01 May 19
Over the last few years i’ve used Invisalign through Cherrybank Dental Edinburgh and the results were outstanding. I had the best experience throughout my journey and every single member of staff was so welcoming. I would love to thank Laura especially as she helped from day one with all my queries. Thanks for creating my perfect smile! <3read more
Simon Ssd Hunter
Simon Ssd H.
17:42 13 Feb 19
Everyone at Cherrybank is a true professional in their field who genuinely cares for you as an individual. Nothing ever feels rushed and I always feel I am getting the treatment and care that is best for me. So different from the non-private practices who can barely give you 5 minutes as you are herded in and out. Nothing gets missed with Cherrybank staff 🙂read more
Diane Reid
Diane R.
11:27 13 Feb 19
This place has great atmosphere. And you actually feel there like in a SPA. Service is perfect from A-Z. Ladies at the reception always with beautiful smile and even if they are very busy - always looking after you straight away when you come. What was amazing - they are very flexible about ...everything. When I came first time I tend to book my first meeting. But luckily I had to wait only 15 min for consultation. And thats how I met Laura! Amazing person! always with smile, warm and chatty person who help you to choose the best treatment, book for you whatever is needed and help to proceed with monthly payments. She can manage everything perfectly so just leave it to Laura. My orthodontist was Dr. Katy Baldwin. This girl fix my teeth in only 3 months!!! Unbelievable... I was prepared for at least 6 if no longer to make it done before summer. My last appointment was with Dr Chris McCrudden who took off my braces and honestly never thought my visit can be so funny. Im very happy with my result in such a short time. Was worth every penny. Id like to thank to my great Doctors (and their assistants also), LAURA (you have 11/10💪🏻 for you service) and ladies at the reception. YOU DOING AN AMAZING JOB!!TREATMENT: Short Term Fixed Orthodontics £4.100 (braces) Appointment with Dr Katy every 4 weeksTOTAL COST with hygiene appointments: £4.311,40RESULT: 3 monthsTOTAL TREATMENT: 4,5 month (including last hygiene appointment and pictures BEFORE/AFTER)read more
13:57 01 Feb 19
The best dentist I’ve ever been to in my life. Going to the dentist is now an experience I look forward to and is a nice little break in my day. I have had loads of things done from checkups and dental surgeries to invaslign and teeth whitening. All of the staff are incredible and the comforts that are on offer are also greatly appreciatedread more
Steven Ballantine
Steven B.
15:00 21 Jan 19
This is an exceptional dental practice. All the staff are lovely and friendly and the atmosphere is so relaxed.I have had a lot of work done on my teeth in the past but thanks to Cherrybank I finally have my perfect smile! It was a totally pain free process and I can't recommend these guys enough.
Sarah McCormack
Sarah M.
13:27 07 Jan 19
I came to Cherrybank Dental Spa Edinburgh for some treatment,and I have to say it was an amazing experience from start to finish. I am quite anxious at the dentist but the team were so welcoming and friendly. Erin,who was my nurse, put me at ease immediately and really made me feel relaxed. Dr Katy the dentist explained everything to me in language I could understand. I would highly recommend anyone who is anxious to visit as it really was a great experience, didn't even feel like I was at the dentist!read more
Nikki Irene Menzies
Nikki Irene M.
14:09 12 Dec 18
I have always wanted veneers but was very anxious about getting them done. When I came across Cherrybank and eventually decided to go for my consultation I have never felt more at ease and in such a lovely environment. Laura the treatment coordinator was honestly absolutely fantastic, she talked me through the way Cherrybank work and how they would 100% make my end vision a reality. There were 4 stages after this, all very quick, easy and pain free and my dentist Katie was incredible. They were able to show me from xrays and pictures of how the finals were going to look in my mouth and also made up a mould and put it in my mouth to let me know how my finals would feel. All the horror stories about filing your teeth is not true at the prep stage and is minimal. Katie made me feel comfortable with music, a massage chair and the prep was PAIN FREE which I couldn’t believe as I’ve always been scared of the dentist. Laura the treatment coordinator always checked in and made sure everything was perfect. I can’t explain how much they were all so welcoming and have now decided to change my dentist to them. Thank you for making my end results even better than imagined. So natural and white. Can’t stop smiling. Check out their Instagram page for pics. Thank you cherry bank Edinburgh. You guys are seriously AMAZING 😀 !!!!!!read more
Stacey Mcgrady
Stacey M.
10:21 30 Oct 18
I came to Cherrybank Dental Spa Edinburgh for some treatment,and I have to say it was an amazing experience from start to finish. I am quite anxious at the dentist but the team were so welcoming and friendly. Erin,who was my nurse, put me at ease immediately and really made me feel relaxed. Dr Katy the dentist explained everything to me in language I could understand. I would highly recommend anyone who is anxious to visit as it really was a great experience, didn't even feel like I was at the dentist!read more
Nikki Menzies
Nikki M.
13:13 04 Oct 18
I have had a wonderful experience with cherry bank dental health spa . Chris is amazing and made me feel so at ease . Laura who did my initial consultation was also fabulous and had all my needs and requirements met to in such a high standard . I actually get excited to go the dentist now . The beautiful extras you receive on your visit just make it so much more enjoyable . Massages , parrifin wax , eye masks and much more. Thankyou for everything my teeth are looking amazing and already !!!read more
Marie Sher
Marie S.
13:24 13 Sep 18
Thanks again to the whole team at cherry bank. Extremely professional and always looked after so well at every appointment and fantastic aftercare.3/4 of the way there now Thanks again for all your help and support See you all soon 😁😁😁😁😁
Gill Martin
Gill M.
09:37 09 Jul 18
I'm really happy with the treatment I've received over the last few months at Cherrybank. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming and nothing was a problem. Thank you!
Laura Illingworth
Laura I.
22:13 05 Jul 18
A great experience from start to finish. So happy Cherrybank were there to talk me through Invisalign and gave me the smile I wanted for years. The photos felt weird but now I can't stop looking at the before and after shots. I can't thank you enough.
Ryan Patterson
Ryan P.
09:12 29 Aug 17
I love how much attention and time I get at Cherrybank when discussing all my treatment options. I also gotta say everyone I talked to was always very realistic and understanding of my financial/lifestyle options. I always feel very welcome and dentists visits now definitely feel a lot more spa-like and less stressful!read more
Kateřina Španová
Kateřina Š.
18:05 07 Aug 17
I'm delighted with the results of my Invisalign treatment with Cherrybank, it felt like a big decision but I have no regrets at all. The team here are very professional but also very friendly and the service is always excellent. Invisalign treatment needs commitment but if you follow their advice and commit then the results can be amazing! I'll be using them for all my dental needs from now more
Antonia Day
Antonia D.
10:36 08 Jul 17
I admit to being an anxious (ok, very anxious!) patient following a stressful experience in the dental chair. I therefore searched for a dental practice that would listen to my concerns and booked an initial consultation appointment at Cherrybank Dental Spa, Perth (I completed my final (yay!) treatment in Edinburgh as this is where dentist, Chris McCrudden, is now based) Following examination the treatment options were discussed and agreed, along with cost. They helped me make the right decision for ME, with no pressure whatsoever. Starting treatment with dentist Chris McCrudden was relatively stress free as he is so unbelievably patient - trust me! At every visit he constantly updated & reassured me regarding the procedure. I admit to still being slightly nervous but every step of the journey with Chris felt so well controlled. I now have whiter, straighter teeth that look totally natural. So, if you're looking for a dental practice that offers excellent service & patient focussed care in a relaxed environment, look no further. I have, finally, found a dentist I can trust. Now I know the "drill" I am so much less hesitant about future visits for regular check ups. It's a big thumbs up from me! 👍read more
Barbara Bell
Barbara B.
19:57 19 Apr 17
I had Invisalign to fix my teeth and still have ongoing hygiene treatments. The staff have always been so friendly and welcoming and the treatments are fantastic. I especially like all the little extras you tea/coffee, fruit, back massage/hand treatment while in the chair - excellent place & makes going to the dentist much more relaxing!read more
Emma oxley
Emma O.
16:33 17 Mar 17
I had a very positive experience at Cherrybank Dental Spa. I chose Invisalign to help improve my smile, and I'm so happy at the results! I feel so much more confident in all types of situations, and the staff there were always really helpful. Everyone is commenting on how I'm smiling so much more! Well worth the money. Thanks, Cherrybank!read more
Bronwen Winter Phoenix
Bronwen Winter P.
17:06 07 Mar 17
I recently attended Cherrybank on dundas street as i wanted to have a front tooth fixed. From the moment i walked into the practice i felt very welcome. The practice is so relaxing and the staff are extremely friendly. I am currenty using the teeth whitening kit and after only 1 week people have been giving me lovely comments. I will return in 2 weeks to have my individual tooth fixed and cant wait. My sister has already booked in for the same treatment due to my recommendation and i have 2 work collegues ready to do the same. Would highly recommend xread more
Rozanna Tartaglia
Rozanna T.
21:37 03 Mar 17
I had my teeth straightened by Cherrybank and was so impressed by both the results and the treatment process. The staff were very welcoming and professional. Thank you!
Rona Dickson
Rona D.
17:46 21 Feb 17
Would highly recommend Cherrybank Dental Spa to anyone. I had my Invisalign treatment here and I couldn't have asked for better.The staff at Cherrybank really care about your results and are genuinely interested in their patients. Invisalign has made a huge difference in my life but I do put a lot of that down to the staff at Cherrybank too - nothing is too much! If you're thinking about joining Cherrybank, or seeking treatment there, go for it!read more
Zoe Smith
Zoe S.
22:31 18 Feb 17
Fantastic experience from start to finish. Always a lovely welcome from the front desk and excellent treatment from all the team. Would highly recommend!
James Long
James L.
18:31 06 Dec 16
Cherrybank dental is really excellent. Kirsty is an amazing hygienist, super professional, thorough and puts you at ease. Couldn't recommend more highly
Emma Logan
Emma L.
07:48 26 May 16
Great experience from start to finish.Dentistry at its best, I loved the digital smile design, the coordinator kept me fully informed of all processes and costing throughout, highly recommended
alan ferrier
alan F.
14:51 11 Apr 16
I would recommend Cherrybank Dental Spa to anybody that has been scared of the dentist in the past!! I had some terrible experiences at the dentist as a child and stopped going for a long time. I finally found the courage to visit and was shocked and amazed at how different my experience was. This dentist isn't like a dentist at all - its made to be very relaxing environment and the team are all very friendly, professional and genuinely caring. They even offer a menu with things to make your appointments better (headphones, blankets, even paraffin hand wax!) it really helps take your mind off things. I cant thank you enough!! read more
Ann Donaldson
Ann D.
21:07 06 Dec 13
Well…where to begin…finding Cherrybank Dental Spa was a dream come true for me. This might sound slightly dramatic to some, but for me, it really was. For years i suffered with confidence because of the issue i had with my teeth. There was nothing majorly wrong with them, just a slight gap in my front two teeth and i did not have a very good bite.What made me more concious of this was because I am a singer, and having low self confidence was not helping with my performances. Being offered to wear metal braces by my orthodiontist was so unappealing and not something I wanted to have. This is when I chose to do some research and find another answer for my problem. Then I came across Cherrybank Dental Spa....Never having heard of the Spa, I decided to have a closer look as the website. There was so much offered by the Spa and what caught my eye was the option of invisable braces!! I instantly called for a consoltation. After having spoken to the Cherrybank team, discussing options for solving the problems I was having with my teeth, we came to a final decision and immediantly got to work! After six months of changing my trays every two weeks and the team having constant attention on the progress of my teeth, they were finally finished! It was the most painless and fastest procedure I had ever expected compared to what I would have gone through with metal braces. The results were amazing!I have no complaints about Cherrybank Dental Spa at all! I was treated incredibily well, the facilities are impeccable and you truly are made to feel like you are there to enjoy a day at the spa...and not just visiting your dentist! I would and have recommended the spa to many friends and family, who like me felt that there were not many options to perfect your teeth to the way you wanted. I finally have my perfect teeth and can now truly smile with confidence! Thank you!!!read more
sofia andreucci
sofia A.
21:22 28 Nov 13
I have recently had some cosmetic work done at Cherrybank. I would recommend this practice to anybody who is considering any kind of dental treatment. Aside from the comfortable and relaxing surroundings, what stuck out most for me was level of care and patience that the dental nurses and dentists offered. I had many questions prior to and throughout the course of my treatment and the girls at Cherrybank were more than happy to assist me at any time - both in person and through email. Cherrybank offer a really supportive, honest and compassionate service.If you're looking to have any work done on your teeth, visit Cherrybank for a consultation. I know I certainly won't be going anywhere else from now on! read more
Amy Buchanan
Amy B.
10:21 15 Sep 12
I have recently started working at Cherrybank Dental Spa since graduating from university. Since starting I am overwhelmed with the expertise of the team and the high level of customer service it provides. I have never seen dentistry like this in my career.
Carrie Morrison
Carrie M.
16:28 12 Jul 12

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